Refund Policy

Sod grass is a perishable product, and has a limited stock and shelf life.

Sod grass cannot be returned once it is harvested, and is not re-stockable.

All grass sales are final.



Once you place an order, and the grass is harvested, you are responsible for care and installation.  You cannot cancel or reschedule once your order is processed in the queue. Please order only when you are prepared to accept delivery of your sod grass. Inclimate weather, rain, holidays may cause changes to delivery date and time. Heavy rain may cause all orders to be rescheduled, delivery resumes after weather permits. Extreme weather may affect grass conditions, proper care and watering will help your grass root, recover, and thrive.  

Return / Refunds:

Your sod delivery cannot be rescheduled or canceled once your order is processed, and the sod is harvested for delivery. If you have a need to cancel, you must do so within 24 hours after scheduling. When you order sod grass you are responsible for making necessary arrangements at your location. Once the grass is harvested, it needs to be installed in a timely manner. Current logistics conditions require that all orders have flexible delivery.  We cannot be responsible for delays caused by weather or transportation logistics.  All orders are processed in the order they are received.   We work hard to get your grass delivered on schedule.   Please order when you are ready.