Best Time To Plant Sod In Louisiana

When Is The Best time to plant sod in Louisiana?

A common question we receive is when is the best time to plant sod in Louisiana?

sod installation

I generally recommend spring through fall, but you can lay your sod grass anytime in Louisiana. South Louisiana rarely freezes for long periods of time, which makes it a great habitat for most warm season grasses.

Early spring sod installation is the optimal time due to the warm days, cool nights, and lengthening day light hours.

Fall is probably the next best time since the temperatures are similar to spring.

Planting your new lawn can also be done during winter months, which will allow the grass to establish a strong root system while the leaf blades are dormant. When spring arrives again, your grass is already in place, well rooted, and ready to grow.

Summer heat can be very stressful on freshly cut and newly installed sod grass.  It is very important to begin watering your new grass as soon as you lay it to reduce the amount of heat stress the grass experiences.

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