What Is The Best Grass For Wet Areas

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What Is The Best Grass For Wet Areas?


People often ask us what Is the best grass for wet areas? There are multiple answers to that question. The climate in south Louisiana is what is classified as sub –  tropical. Which means it is warm most of the year and quite moist. Due to the amounts of water and rain we receive in South Louisiana, we often experience long periods of rain, high river and water levels, which lead to flooding. This flooding causes many issues. Besides destroying homes, buildings and cars, this heavy rain and flooding causes issues with our landscape plants, and lawn grass.

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What is the best grass for wet areas?

Most lawn grass does not like to be in wet conditions to long. Certain turf grasses can handle moist soil conditions better than others.

Bermuda grass can withstand drought and seasonal heavy rain. It is used in areas along coast lines and in residential communities across the United States and many other countries.  The issue with bermudagrass is that it doesn’t grow in shady areas, which limits the places where you can use it.

St. Augustine grass can tolerate heavy rain, occasional flooding, and shady areas. However, St. Augustine grass doesn’t like to remain in standing water for long periods of time.

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Zoysia grass can handle similar conditions to St. Augustine, but shows more stress after being wet for too long. Zoysiagrass will recover most times.

Centipede grass can withstand moderate levels of water and moisture, but does not like heavy foot traffic in those conditions.

Buffalo Grass – this type of grass is known as one of the best types because it can withstand drought, heat, cold, and snow. It also has a deep root system which makes it perfect for moist environments.

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